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Dr. Elizabeth Weiss, Psychologist in Palo Alto, CAThanks so much for visiting this site!  It is my hope to help you heal and grow.

Are you facing, or have you faced, life challenges that require learning, growing or adapting in ways that you might never have imagined?

Chronic illness, cancer, the death of a loved one, the loss of dreams held dearly, and trials that are part of living and maturing can create so much trauma that we just get stuck.

As people, we have amazing capacity to overcome tremendous adversity. Yet, sometimes a trauma or ongoing challenge is so severe that we have difficulty moving past it.

By helping people tap into their ability to heal and recover from trauma and other challenges, I help clients overcome and flourish despite the stressful events they face. In my work with individuals, families, and couples, I apply evidence-based techniques from psychology to alleviate the distressing impact of trauma.

I am direct, compassionate, and supportive as I help people choose and create the changes needed for a satisfying life. In our work together, we can help recover from losses, manage stressors and live a fulfilling life. Give me a call today, or just fill out the contact form and click Send.  I’m here to help.

My practice serves adults and geriatric adults in Palo Alto and surrounding communities.

Dr. Elizabeth Weiss

Note: I am not currently accepting new patients, but I hope to reopen soon and help you towards the path of healing.