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Career Counseling

I hate my job. Get help in career counseling from a corporate veteran who is also a psychologist in Palo Alto.

Career counseling from a psychologist and corporate veteran can help you find satisfaction at work.

Are you feeling stuck at work. Do you feel that you can’t get ahead in your career? If you feel that you can’t get a leg up in your company, there could be psychological factors holding you back.

If your job is starting to feel like a drain on your life, it might be time to take a step back and identify what is causing your dissatisfaction with work.

Can I get more satisfaction from my job?

If you feel that your career path is not for you, you might want to begin investing in training which you can use to switch careers. But sometimes there can be other factors that are preventing you from finding satisfaction at your current position.

There are a few factors that may be contributing to your dissatisfaction at work, or to holding you back at work.

  • Anxiety. Is anxiety about your job keeping you up at night? Do you lament getting out of bed in the morning? Are you second guessing your performance at work and wondering if you are in the right place? Dr. Weiss can help you with strategies to keep your anxiety down so that you can improve your job performance and succeed at work.
  • Tension with coworkers. Do you feel that you are being held back from what you deserve at work? Do you feel under appreciated or that your coworkers are hard to get along with? Dr. Weiss can help you with strategies to improve your office relationships and succeed at work.

Improve your work experience with career counseling

Dr. Weiss can help you figure out what is wrong with your work experience. Before you quit or give up on your career path, you can learn skills to improve your work experience. Career counseling with Dr. Weiss will involve clarifying your goals and working to develop your career. In counseling with Dr. Weiss, she will provide tools and strategies to get along better with your boss and coworkers. Career counseling may help you to develop techniques to become more effective in your workplace.

Career counseling from a corporate insider

In her career in the high tech world, Dr. Weiss was charged with career development for members of her team. She helped coworkers advance their careers and choose better career paths for themselves. Dr. Weiss will help you work through the causes of your current dissatisfaction and help you to create and implement a concrete plan for change.

Make a change

Don’t say, “I hate my job” and leave it at that. Dr. Weiss can help you to work towards better work satisfaction. To get started working towards a more fulfilling career, call now, or just fill out the form and click Send. Click here to read more about Dr. Weiss’ corporate experience.